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powerful psychic

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powerful psychic

Post by etoile brillante on Fri Jan 08, 2010 11:59 pm


I have always felt Madeleine is living in Saint Remy de Provence,
France. Her hair is brown and cut short. She will be found and Parents
Kate and Gerry will write a book titled "If Your Happy And You Know
it". She is not with the person who took her. The police sketches of
Alistair Campbell and Joey Barton are very close. She often goes to the
farmers market and lives around where Vincent Van Gogh painted starry
etoile brillante

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Re: powerful psychic

Post by etoile brillante on Sat Jan 09, 2010 7:30 am

since i wrote did i find madeleine i went back again
by derek spring
(ryton on dunsmore coventry england)

since I wrote that ,i went back to Portugal at my own cost I could get no help from the detectives etc ,as I can only say so much this is what I will say she is still alive I saw her ioo% sure but i got the wrong site before if I had support from the police before it might have been solved. I knocked on 30 odd doors asking if a girl was there like Madeleine ,I was told the apartment I was interested in there were 3 police cars there a few days before ,do not know why,but I do not think it has anything to do with it the other site i am interested in is the film I got last year in 2008 Madeleine s washing on the line police have never checked it out,I can only do so much myself.since my last page I wrote 3 ladies have been in touch with me ,one sent me a picture of a packing case box plus a metal bar gride like a old prison door or cellar door,when i went to this site I though I wonder if the floor is hollow I tapped it was so I scraped it below about 1 in down a metal bar appears,then another 8 in all in a square so I pulled at it its a door that was on this room in the ruins,just like a prison door,but if you look at it from above you get a cellar door,out side I find a packing case box,out the back I find a shape body some years old, the 3 things tie up with the thing I have seen or been sent. So it leads me to think that could she be buried there.
but I do not think so,as i saw a young girl I looked into her eyes she said have I come to take her home i will leave it there for her safety.
I now come to a email I sent to MI5 a few days before Christmas asking them if they had any information regards attacks on planes worldwide over the Christmas period you had the USA ONE strange if I was right about this am I right about Madeleine but no body will listen, now had to write to my mp, pm police got any ideas do you know gods address,so i can inform him, I guess I will have to go back to do the job, people are getting payed for me doing there job,hope to have some good news for you all in the next few weeks,click on to algarveresident.com ,then Madeleine last weeks news 22dec they did a story while I was there


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