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A brief Paranormal commentary

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A brief Paranormal commentary

Post by Leonor lawyer on Thu Dec 03, 2009 9:51 am

Hereís the commentary I sent to the producer of the film "Bases 5" (Underground Video UK), for those who are interested in the Paranormal.
Iím a Portuguese Lawyer and Parapsychologist, I just watched your two part video interviewing Dr Rauni Kilde.
I would like to make some commentaries about it.
There is much truth in many statements of Dr Kilde, but there are others that are a complete disinformation.
Iím not saying Dr Kilde is doing this on propose, since she seems to be a very honest person. What Iím saying is that she is probably being a victim of misinformation coming from evil extraterrestrial beings.
First, it is very curious that all the extraterrestrial beings that Dr Kilde describes as being making contact with, corresponds to the gray type that is exactly the type usually described by many ufologists as being an evil type of extraterrestrials.
So, as with happens for instance with Mr David Icke and Mr Alex Colier, there are lots of disinformation and incongruities in the speech of Dr Kilde.
Letís focus on the without any doubt main true statements:
- God is Love;
- Physical death is not the end of the individual life;
- There are many many other planets in the Universe populated with intelligent life besides the planet Earth.
At least this three statements are from a long time well proven by Parapsychology.
However Dr Kilde - as Mr Icke and Mr Colier - introduces false statements, as is the case of time travel.
If Dr Kilde says that time does no exist - which is a true statement - how then can she say that is possible to travel in time? If time does not exist, as it truly does not, it is not possible to travel in it - because it simple does not exist!
Time travel is a typical lie spread by the gray extraterrestrials. Time does not exist. They are deliberately confusing the concept of space (where someone can travel in) with the concept of time (which means only continuation). This disinformation is intended to deceive people, confusing them with lies, and also to make the true statements lose credibility.
If time travel would be possible, then the Universe would be in a serious risk of destroying itself (no wonder why the satanist film director David Lynch explores the lie of time travel in his films (David Lynch is associated with the satanist movement, as inclusively reported in the book "Lucifer Rising" by the author Gavin Baddeley, priest of the Church of Satan)) .
Imagine if someone could travel in time back to the time when he was a child in the same reincarnation life. And then kill the child - that is himself. So, who is who? I mean, in which body is the Spirit of that person: in the child body or in his adult body? Because the Spirit is the individual conscience, he can not be at the same time, the same Spirit, in the adult body and in the child body, and both bodies are actually the same body of the same person! And then if the adult kills the child - who is himself - and the child dies? If he never grew up then, how can then he had became an adult and kill himself when he was a child? Itís a complete dangerous nonsense! So, thatís also why the famous British Physicist Stephen Hawking says in his book "A Brief History of Time" that even if time travel would be physically possible (which is not), the Universe would protect itself not allowing that time travel could happen.
Itís curious that Dr Kilde omits all references to the evil extraterrestrials species. What for instance doesnít happen with Mr David Icke and Mr Alex Colier, but, even both "denouncing" the existence of evil ET species, they divulge complete false theories (including "time travel"), and as being from benevolent extraterrestrials, which clearly are not!
One more example: Mr David Icke even says the absolute stupidity that Christianity is a reptilian believing! How can it be? Jesus teachings are pure Love, nothing evil can be found in the four gospels (even if some parts of the gospels are already adulterated, the essence is however intact). Paradoxically, Mr David Icke does not criticises other religions that of Love have nothing! He even says that he was always well treated by islamic people, malevolently insinuating that a person can be good or bad just because of his/hers outside religion label (it seems that for Mr David Icke all Christians are bad persons and all mussulmans are good persons!!!).
Concerning governments evil doing, everybody with at least some knowledge must agree that the History of the Earthly Mankind is replete of evil governments, namely kings, presidents, prime-ministers, ministers and others. That is nothing new. The mistake is saying that all governments were or are evil. That is simple not true. History show us also that, even if the majority of the leaders of the countries of Earth, were and are evil, many exceptions happened and are still happening. For instance, we can not say a president is evil just because he is a president! We always must concentrate in the governor true intentions. Even because the most well proven studies of Parapsychology (Iím also including Ufology in it) demonstrates that still the majority of the population of this planet Earth have not embrace Love as their God, which is the main cause of all the evil and violence occurring in planet Earth. So it is not only governments! And this is the fundamental difference between Earth (which is an inferior planet) with the planets where happiness is everywhere in there, because every single inhabitant of those superior planets is Love.
Concerning secret societies wanting to enslave and harm the Human terrestrials, of course there are many. We all know that the evil former president of the United States of America - George W Bush - belongs at least to one of those societies - the Skull and Bones, as he himself has confessed in his autobiography.
But we must always be careful with much that is said and written not only in television and in the press in general, but also in the internet, because there are lots of disinformation mixed with some trues also in order to reinforce the credibility of the misinformation. If you want to get good information about true conspiracies, you can for instance look for the excellent work of a former Chief of the FBI, Mr Ted Gunderson.
Please be also careful with necessarily associating objects disappearing, electronic interferences and other things as threats proofing that the speech of someone is right, as Dr Kilde has done. Please remember that evil forces can do things like that not only to threat someone because what that person is saying is right, but also they can do that to make that person believe that is being menaced because his/hers ideas are right, when they are not, and so doing that they are trying to give credibility to statements that are truly complete disinformation.
Also please note that the main weapon of mind control is not material, but spiritual, by using evil spirits to cause obsessions by a telepathic process. You can read more about that and much other important things in the excellent work done by Dr Allan Kardec in the 19th century, and written is his first and main book "The Book of Spirits" (link to the book: http://www.spiritwritings.com/kardecspiritstoc.html).
Another important book is a book written by the British Parapsychologist Manfred Cassirer with the title "Dimensions of Enchantment: The mystery of UFO abductions, close encounters and aliens". In this book Manfred Cassirer analyses the parallel between many of the UFO sightings with the apparitions of Spirits, demonstrating that on many occasions those are not two different phenomenons, but the exact same one, showing evidence that many inferior spirits are playing "extraterrestrials".
Well, thatís all for now, thanks a lot for reading my commentary.
Kind regards,

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Leonor lawyer

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Re: A brief Paranormal commentary

Post by May on Thu Dec 03, 2009 11:09 am

Hi Marcos

It doesn't really seem to matter what medium is used, any interpretations are open to misunderstanding, misuse and or manipulation by the receiver, who usually has his or her own agenda. Keep up the good work Marcos, it is time the "devil ex policeman" was brought to book.

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