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The Defunct, Defunct "NOT" The New Madeleine Foundation

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The Defunct, Defunct "NOT" The New Madeleine Foundation

Post by Rosie on Mon Nov 16, 2009 12:05 am

BENNETT: Debbie Butler are you hiding "Stevo"?


BENNETT: We have reason to believe you may be hiding one Steven (Brian Johnson) Marsden, otherwise known as "Stevo", a former webmaster of the terrorist organisations, the ''the 3 arguidos.net"...."The Not So New Madeleine Foundation" and the slightly bit older "Not The new Madeleine Foundation"

BUTLER: Me? No. I'm just a poor old woman, who has lived her life in complete transparency and honesty (and my daddy was a policeman)

BENNETT: Stop you hard faced meadow lady, no one believes a word you say anymore "Buttercup". New Committee, fall in! Search her house. Make sure you search the sewer pipes, rats accumulate there!

BUTLER: There's no rats in my house

BENNETT: You lie again, I am here before you!


NEW COMMITTEE: Nothing found, Oh great wise and wonderful master.

BENNETT: Er, I don't believe you.

NEW COMMITTEE: What do you mean? 'We would never lie to you master'. Are you alright?

BENNETT: What did you say?


BENNETT: What do you mean when? Just now, you blithering idiots.

NEW COMMITTEE: Oh we just asked if you were "alright"?

(Sharp intake of breath all round)

BENNETT: "Awight" you are asking me if I am "Awight"? Are you trying to be funny?

SHARONL: (visibly shaking) No, master. "Hypocrite"

BENNETT: What? There it is again, you definitely said something!

SHARONL: No sir, honest oh great white wonder - " Lying hypocrite"

BUTLER: Maybe you are hearing things again? "Big Glasses"

BENNETT: I heard that, Butler! 'New Committee, Have you looked in the wardrobe'?

Grenville GREEN: Sir wait! That was lucky. I just found "Stevo", he was in the closet with a former disgraced Portuguese policeman.

BENNETT: They say you are never more than ten feet from a rat.

GRENVILLE: As ever master, you are always right.

BENNETT: Are you calling me a rat?

GRENVILLE: Er no oh mighty ne'er wrong master. "Rat with big glasses"

BUTLER: yeah Deirdre Barlow, "surely not".

BENNETT: "And don't call me Shirley"

BUTLER: Who moi? I'm just a poor old woman and my dad was a policeman and I can write lots of letters.

BENNETT: Have you ever written to the General Medical Council?

BUTLER: No of course not, I would never do that and I don't tell lies! It was really "Stevo" that did that!

BENNETT: Yes you do tell lies! You just told me that "Stevo" wasn't here and he was, he was in the closet with Goncalo Amaral aka Unca Ama Aka Lardy Boy, plotting to sell Amaral's book in American English, translated by a Dutch woman.

BUTLER: Oh that isn't "Stevo", that is Brian Johnson.

BENNETT: Are you sure? Looks remarkably like playground man "Stevo" to me!

BUTLER: Oh no, Stevo has insanely white teeth and playground man Stevo, also has no neck and bulging eyes, he looks like he has an overactive thyroid.

BENNETT: I see what you mean, he does look rather weird, a tad psychotic. Do you think we should open a thread about it on the "It's Not the Old 3 arguidos.net" forum?

BUTLER: I suppose I could ask my new bezzy mate admin of the old 3 arguidos .net Brenda Ryan. (We have long, deep and meaningful phone calls you know)

BENNETT: Brenda Ryan hates me and wont allow me in her Mod mansion or SKYPE

BUTLER: Yes I know, scandalous, I reported her to the Maidstone police.

BENNETT: Did you really contact the Maidstone police?

BUTLER: Oh yes I told them all about you and the four blank cheques and that I think you are a lying conman Brenda Ryan

Helene DAVIES-GREEN: Don't believe her Tony, you know what Corina said in that confidential email to Debbie that she promptly circulated around the internet.

BENNETT: I don't believe you Butler, I spoke to Sergeant Ryder of the Maidstone police and he told me that I was a good boy and no one was investigating me, and it only took him 20 minutes to go through 2 years of accounts, four blank cheques, contact the bank and investigate the Paypal payments and donations and then decide, that you were "gibbering" and malicious and I was telling the truth, because I never lie and my middle name is not Pinocchio!

BUTLER: (stomping her feet) I don't care what any of you think, I can't talk about it all, because the police are investigating and I don't tell lies and my dad was a policeman, so you have to believe me, so there! "big glasses" (sticking her tongue out)

BENNETT: But what about Amberslut's not so secret, secret secret secret secret thread?

BUTLER: Oh don't take any notice of that old "hoe", she wouldn't recognise her own brain if it was pickled in a jar and labelled "Amberslut's Brain" Mind you, spotting the one cell may be a bit difficult I suppose.

BENNETT: But why are you with Amberslut and Brenda Ryan constantly posting all those lies about me and bringing me the Madeleine Foundation into disrepute?

BUTLER: Oh I am just using them, like you used me, you don't have to worry about that!

BENNETT: I guess, but I am not sure. What were you doing with Stevo playground man Brian Johnson in your closet?

BUTLER: We were looking of pictures of you hiding in a bush on the Rothley leaflet drop Oh he was just in the area and popped in for a cup of tea

BENNETT: But he lives in the States!

BUTLER: Look I don't care if you don't believe me, I don't tell lies, the truth will soon come out and then everyone will see, there is much more here than meets the eye, meantime anyone can phone me, or pop in for a cup of tea if they are passing.

Helene DAVIES-GREEN: Look Tony if you are going to believe her, Grenville and me are going to ride off on our bike back to Nottingham into the sunset.

GRENVILLE: Yeah and I am going to tell Ian Anderson of the National Front about you Tony.

BENNETT: Eh? But Grenville why are you Helen and SharonL suddenly turning on me?

GRENVILLE: Well we just formed a Newer, New Committee, invented a constitution, held an extraordinary meeting and it was decided with much regret, to kick you out to expel you as secretary of the Floundation.

BUTLER: But there was never any committee of board members! And I DEMAND that everyone phone me now!

HELEN: Yes there was, Tony invented it, to kick you out remember?

BENNETT: Grenville and Helene told me to write *that* email, to Amberslut, knowing that she would publish it on her, not so secret, secret secret secret secret forum!

GRENVILLE & HELENE GREEN: No we Didn't say that Tony!

BENNETT: I know you didn't, but I will make it look like you did! I need some fall guys to take the blame for my vindictiveness.

GRENVILLE: Well do you have to use us? Can't you blame it all on the Sharons? You know SharonL and SharonB? They are thick and will never know that you are a liar and using them!

BENNETT: Mmm I see what you mean, they are completely brainwashed agree with me. I suppose it will make sense.

HELEN: You know it makes sense Tony

GRENVILLE: Yes and then we can all carry on as before, holding Konferences and thinking up the most hateful ways to get at the McCanns to help children.

BENNETT: What you mean plan more leaflet drops and things? And you can have your photo taken again as you defile stand by Madeleine's little monument Grenville.

NEW NEWER COMMITTEE: So we can all stab each other in the back again are all friends again?

BUTLER: Oh am I included too?

BENNETT: Only if you promise to withdraw your complaint to the Maidstone Essex police about me nicking 90.000

PLAYGROUND MAN STEVO: Does this include me too suckers friends?

BENNETT: I suppose so, but you will have to donate all the funds from your pretendy book by pretendy author Brian Johnson! And they will have to go directly into my bank account and you must never question me and my blank cheques again!

NEW, NEWER COMMITTEE: Er Tony, you are forgetting something, you are not in charge!

BENNETT: Oh I only said that to keep Carter-Ruck off of my back, everyone knows that it wasDebbie in charge of the Madeleine Foundation, if things went wrong and me if everything was running smoothly!

PLAYGROUND MAN STEVO: Oh of course Tony, everyone knows it is really me pulling the strings, you that is really in charge!

SHARONL & SHARONB: So that was you in the bushes at Rothley Tony?

BENNETT: Shut up you pair of thickos lovely ladies who donate your money to me.
Well is that it are we all friends again? Can we get back to hounding and persecuting the McCanns and frustrating the search for Madeleine thinking up ways to help children?

BUTLER: Er who is Madeleine?

NEW NEWER COMMITTEE: Yeah who is Madeleine?

PLAYGROUND MAN STEVO: I don't know, I am only here for the entertainment.

BENNETT: I don't know who Madeleine is either, I just enjoy persecuting her parents and jumping on high profile band wagons, to make money get attention.

EVERYONE ALL TOGETHER: Oh right, that's OK, it's business as usual then?

no way
Goncalo Amaral Your Time Is Nearly Up!


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Re: The Defunct, Defunct "NOT" The New Madeleine Foundation

Post by Cath on Mon Nov 16, 2009 1:44 am

Wonderful! Love it.

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Re: The Defunct, Defunct "NOT" The New Madeleine Foundation

Post by Marilyn on Mon Nov 16, 2009 5:11 am

Sheer genius ...


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Re: The Defunct, Defunct "NOT" The New Madeleine Foundation

Post by bluj1515 on Mon Nov 16, 2009 6:55 am

Awesome Rosie!
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Re: The Defunct, Defunct "NOT" The New Madeleine Foundation

Post by maria on Mon Nov 16, 2009 7:30 am

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Re: The Defunct, Defunct "NOT" The New Madeleine Foundation

Post by Tinkerbell43 on Mon Nov 16, 2009 8:05 am

You've certainly missed your vocation in life Rosie, lol.

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Re: The Defunct, Defunct "NOT" The New Madeleine Foundation

Post by May on Mon Nov 16, 2009 8:57 am


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Re: The Defunct, Defunct "NOT" The New Madeleine Foundation

Post by WibbleWobble on Mon Nov 16, 2009 9:30 am


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Re: The Defunct, Defunct "NOT" The New Madeleine Foundation

Post by vee8 on Mon Nov 16, 2009 10:07 am

clapping applause woohoo
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Re: The Defunct, Defunct "NOT" The New Madeleine Foundation

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