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Parent Aid-A Statement.

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Parent Aid-A Statement.

Post by vee8 on Tue Nov 10, 2009 6:07 am

The following has now been posted on Katie Smith's and Tony's houndation blogs.

Statement From Parents’ Aid
As a Trustee of Parents Aid South East Essex a registered charity I would like to take this opportunity of confirming that we seem to be as Ms Smith says “another victim of this sorry mess”. Until this blog was drawn to our attention we did not know that Mr Bennett had used our name. As far as we can establish we are the only charity still in existence with this name and any previous charities with whom this gentleman may have been connected are no longer in existence. He certainly has no connection with us. I can confirm that we have no connection with this booklet or currently any imprints of our own which would require an ISBN number. We will shortly be placing on our website a statement to this effect

Jenny can I thank you for clarifying the position of your charity with regards to this booklet. It seems you are as confused by this as many here are.

Can I also apologise for any distress caused by my blog, and I will ask people here to let others know that Parents’ Aid have no connection with the gentleman concerned.

Can I also thank Ade for helping to clarify the situation. I will post for clarity Ade’s earlier email to me:

Hi Kate, I have been in touch with the charity, Parents Aid. I have permission to make a statement on behalf of their Vice Chair, Jenny Amner.

Jenny would like to state that the charity has no links to Anthony Bennett. He was a founder of Parents Aid back in the Eighties but there is no longer any link with him. The charity have nothing to do with the booklet for the Madeleine Foundation and are shocked that anyone might be misled and consider a link between the charity and the Madeleine Foundation.

The Parent Aid website will be updated ASAP to make it clear that they are independent of Tony Bennett. I have informed Carter Ruck of the situation.
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Re: Parent Aid-A Statement.

Post by bluj1515 on Tue Nov 10, 2009 7:57 am

This poor charity. What a idiot.
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