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Portuguese newspaper 24horas today

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Portuguese newspaper 24horas today

Post by Pedro Silva on Wed Nov 04, 2009 5:52 am

Today is launched worldwide a new video which shows the face Madeleine McCann will have today. These images belongs to a new campaign with the purpose of appealing to people who knows the abductor of the British girl to say what they know. This new strategy was developped by CEOP, after a study by several psychologists and criminal psychologists. "We have done all kinds of appeals, in Portugal and other countries, with the purpose of trying to know what somebody saw that night of the disappearance of Madeleine. And no major progress. We started to think: how can we view the case in a different point of view? And we decide to to aim to the guilty, to the guilt that person should feel. If I were that person, how would I feel? I would wanted this to come to an end, that no more talk about this, that all died once and for all. I wouldn´t want to talk about this every day. And that is the purpose of our goal: to make this never go away", explained to 24horas the chairman of CEOP, Jim Gamble. The idea of appeal people that knows the abductor came at the end of August, when Kate and Gerry visited CEOP. "They came to us, they told us that they were exhausted all lines of investigation and asked us what could they do to have impact for the case have not grow weary. And that was when we started to speak with psychologists and criminal psychologists to try to find a message and different approaches", reminded Jim Gamble, a former criminal investigator that now dedicates to the cause of missing children.

New video on the internet:

At the new video, released since midnight oday at the site ceop.police.uk but who will be available in almost al online platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, hi5, MySpace, MSN, etc), appeared both two changed images of Madeleine. At the first, noticed only the aging of the girl, who would have 6 years-old, but, in the second, already exists a tone about skin and hair which can happen if Madeleine is living in an area with plenty of sun and heat, like South of Europe or Africa, for example. The images were given by Madeleine´s parents and worked by experts in this field. But, despite the purpose being that people can identify the girl in case they see her in the streets, that is not the main line of this new iniciative. "We want to focus on the people who knows the abductor. These are people with some kind of relation with the perpetrator, but who are keeping secrecy. Could be parents, brothers, the best of friends. And the abductor could even not told what he has done. But, if are people close, they released changes in his behaviour, suspicions actions, discovered some lies related with the day of crime", added Jim Gamble, who says that many of those individuals may not tell the truth "because they love the person involved, because they are loyal or just because they are afraid of her". But, it is to those people that Jim begs: "End the silence. It´s never too late to do what is correct".

Girl "will be found:

The recent discovery that the american Jaycee Dugard is alive, after an abduction of 18 years, has reborn the hopes at the couple McCann and incresed the confidence in the persons who works at CEOP. "That was the most recent case, but there have been others of children who appeared after months, years or many years. And that makes us believe that Madeleine will be found", told Jim Gamble, who was a police officer for 30 years and says that during his career learned to never see the cases shelved. "I have the strongest conviction that until the end of my life I will know what happened to Madeleine". Today, the couple McCannwill show their face at this new iniciative.

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