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the new PR makeover for K&G. A good idea?

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the new PR makeover for K&G. A good idea?

Post by rosemary on Sat Sep 26, 2009 6:38 am

I wrote to K&Gs new PR team yesterday via their site and said I thought it was a very necessary tactic and a good idea. They desperately need to try to undo the damage caused by Goncalo and his followers if they are to have any hope of information flowing back into the search for Madeleine. They need to inspire a new kind of confidence and awareness of Kate and Gerry for the good people of Portugal to trust them.
I have often been saddened by the complete incomprehension of some of the Portugese people who look at their own medias portrayal of Kate and try to understand what sort of a woman she really is. To them I believe she is seen as a cold and uncaring and even a conniving woman. I have said before that I think poor Kate is her own worst enemy when it comes to being in the spotlight and dealing with the media. She suffers agonies and it is painful to watch her sometimes. She is what we Brits would classify as a typically reserved English woman. But the Portugese live and breathe by passion and to them she is a total anathema.

So much damage to them both was also done in the initial days of the abduction when Kate had obviously been instructed by some psychologist NOT to show any signs of emotion, no doubt because it would excite the abductor. What a pity was my first gut reaction. I know she was in shock but I firmly believe her own raw emotion should have been given free reign. She seemed so frozen with fear and bewilderment I am convinced she must have come across to the Portugese viewers as an automaton without genuine feelings. That image was further exploited by her detractors and by the PJ. and is still going on, you have only to look at the present day pictures in the Portugese press.

What advice and suggestions would others give to their new team, if you do approve of the idea? Or do you think it will be a waste of time and money?

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Re: the new PR makeover for K&G. A good idea?

Post by dianeh on Sat Sep 26, 2009 11:58 am


I think that it the new PR push is a good idea. The McCanns are about to take on their biggest problem in a libel case. Their PR push will coincide with the public humiliation of Gonc, and it will sink him, and hopefully win over the more reasonable people in Portugal. I am positive that Maria, Pedro and Alex are not the only sensible people in Portugal, and when it is shown just how corrupt and what a liar Gonc is, then things will change.

THe other things is that using Portuguese PR firm is also a good idea, as using a firm from any other country is not going to get anywhere. We all sit here wondering just how the Portuguese people think that Kate & Gerry could possibly have hurt Madeleine etc, so obviously there is a different mind set, and different perceptions in Portugal. A good Portuguese PR firm will be a tremendous asset in that regard.
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Re: the new PR makeover for K&G. A good idea?

Post by Pedro Silva on Sat Sep 26, 2009 6:43 pm

I do agree with the new PR push, it is a great idea, everything the couple decides and do in their search has my full support.

Pedro Silva
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Re: the new PR makeover for K&G. A good idea?

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