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A lucky escape for this Toddler

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A lucky escape for this Toddler

Post by dianeh on Mon Sep 21, 2009 4:17 pm

Seems that these despicable freaks will stoop at nothing to steal a child. This time in broad daylight from the parents arms. Luckily the father was there, and he gave chase and got his son back. What if he had been further up the beach, or in the water, the abductor would have gotten away with the child.


A MUM told yesterday how a stranger snatched her two-year-old son off a beach on a sunshine island - as she watched in horror.

The man grabbed little Presley Cassell and fled.

The toddler's dad Nicholas gave chase and grabbed Presley back 30 yards down the beach in Cyprus before the kidnapper could reach a car.

Presley's mum Keeley, 33, said: "He just picked up Presley and ran off down the beach. It happened right in front of our eyes. It was every parent's nightmare."

The snatch happened on the first day of their holiday two weeks ago in the Girne area of Northern Cyprus - controlled by Turkey.

Keeley said the incident triggered thoughts about 21-month-old Ben Needham - who vanished 18 years ago from the Greek isle of Kos - and the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, three, in Portugal in 2007.

Keeley said: "Presley is fair-haired, like Ben Needham. To see him picked up by this stranger who tried to dash off with him in front of our eyes was frightening."

Finance manager Keeley and Nicholas, 27, were so stunned that they left the beach in shock and did not call Cypriot police.

But they are contacting officers at home in Halifax, West Yorks - urging them to get in touch with counterparts in Cyprus to warn families.

Keeley said: "We want people there to be on their guard.

"Looking back, we should have gone to the police then - but we were in panic. We'll never forgive ourselves if we find out he's taken someone else's child."

I cant copy his picture (there is a copyright), but you can see him from the link.
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Re: A lucky escape for this Toddler

Post by Peaceful1 on Mon Sep 21, 2009 5:03 pm

My word, in broad daylight on a beach??
You just can't take your eyes off young kids at all these days, anywhere, sadly.
Glad he was rescued though but I bet the parents have nightmares for many years to come.
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Re: A lucky escape for this Toddler

Post by clairesy on Mon Sep 21, 2009 10:03 pm

Thats scary...just goes to show that even if your children are right there under your noses they will strike and snatch them if they want them.My daughter is never to far from me.I cant imagine ever going through somthign like that.If someone grabbed her and ran off with her i dont know what i would do.

That little boy is very very lucky that his dad gave chase and succesfully caught up with this freak before he got into his waiting car.God knows what would have become of this little boy if he hadnt.
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Re: A lucky escape for this Toddler

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