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little zoey-anne david

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little zoey-anne david

Post by clairesy on Wed Jun 24, 2009 8:26 pm

I had to fetch this here,its such a sad story of yet again how the system fails our children.
4 Year old zoey was found dead at her house in maesglas Newport last Friday.She had been suffocated. Her mother as been arrested by police.She was taken to the royal Gwent hospital after she was found because she was covered in blood,her injuries were quite serious.........she had slashed her wirsts and throat. She will live because the cuts are not life threateing.They cannot interview her until she is released from hospital.
Thing is this child was placed on the at risk register by Gwent and Caerphilly child protection back in 2007......(just after zoey and her family moved into the area from their previous home in London). She was only on the register a year before they removed her.

At the moment s wales child protection are looking into opening some sort of serious case review.....it will establish weather there is negligence on their side and how to avoid this ever happening again!!!

WTF???Of course there is negligence on their side.IMO a child protection register shouldn't even exist.Because whats they are technically saying is that they are aware of a child who is as risk of being abused...even killed!!! So why leave a child at risk??the child at risk register is just a sad list of children who are known by our government as being either abused or at risk of being abused.Now isnt that sad,that we allow such a sick list to be kept?I think so.If a child is at risk,then remove that risk FULL STOP. Dont go away and place them on some deluded bloody register.That isnt going to protect them.

And as for trying to stop this ever happening again???Why?It as happened before baby p was the last known child to suffer at the hands of his family,he had also been on the at risk register.

There are others to,many many of them.So they cannot stop this from happening again because previous attempts have failed.IMO they need to stop the register.....if there is a child at risk then remove the risk immediately.If the family don't like it...TUFF.....children are not our property says the government.They are government property and although we are their their parents and have a duty to love protect and care for them 24 hours a day.Technically and by law, they can be taken away from us at any time if we fail to proved that care.So imo its the parents and the system who are actually alowing innocent children to be abused.Both the parents,and the goverment are failing to care for children.
It is the governments responsibility to make sure a child is properly taken of if the parents/carers are not doing that.......but they add them to a massive list of other children who are all currently at risk??

It makes no sense.

This beautiful little girl did not have to die,she should not have been in that situation.She was innocent,and left there to suffer.

Zoey annes family are devastated,they say.......
''we loved her so much,she was our little princess,she will always be in our hearts''


RIP sweetheart,your safe now :sendingulove: :sendingulove:
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Re: little zoey-anne david

Post by dianeh on Thu Jun 25, 2009 9:15 am

Once again the rights of the parents seem to outweigh the rights of the child.

This mother is obviously ill, why was she ever allowed to have her child back? It makes my blood boil, it happens here all the time, children given back to mentally ill people, or drug addicts. And then something happens to the child, even if they are not killed they are neglected, subject to abuse, beatings etc. It is not fair. The children deserve more, they deserve a chance at a normal life, with someone that will care for them. That should override any ridiculous notion that children are better off with unsafe parents.

Looking at Zoey's beautiful little face has upset me so much. She is the same age as my daughter, about the same size. They have so much life, and are so sweet, with their whole life ahead of them. She should still be alive, she should have been allowed to grow up and have her own family.

It is breaking my heart.
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