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3 p's drop to all time low where little madeleine is concerned

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3 p's drop to all time low where little madeleine is concerned

Post by clairesy on Mon Jun 08, 2009 9:24 am

A new thread on the 3 a site as been opened by some deluded person called boosty! who wants to know if Madeleine wet the bed???For goodness sake,

heres the opening post on this new topic of convo on the biggest cesspit on the web

Posted by boosty Sun Jun 07, 2009 4:11 pm

We know from the charts on the fridge in Rothley
that she was prone to getting up during the night.This i would imagine
is not typical behavoiur for a child to have disturbed sleep so
often.What i would like to know is did she wet the bed?I can't find any
reference to it anywhere on the various sites ive been looking
at.Madeleine could have woken due to dreams or nightmares,and if she
were wetting the bed this would surely be a sign of stress or dare i
say it some kind of abuse.Is it normal for a "happy" contented child to
have such a disturbed sleep pattern.

then another post follows by MR D...............

Check out any of the child protection sites and disturbed sleep is always shown as one of the possible 'side effects' of abuse.

She was
neglected, which is abuse. When you consider the conversation Payne and
Gerry had (witnessed by K.Gasper) you wonder if she suffered other
abuse, over several years.

I read on(god knows why) and they seem to have upset some folk on 3a with the assumption that Madeleine might of wet the bed etc.But then you have more posts following where people agree,maybe Madeleine wet the bed and Kate got fed up with the added pressure of 3 kids and more washing etc.

IM baffled by some peoples views on things i really am.For goodness sake,Madeleine was 3-4 years old,bed wetting is common in young children and doesn't mean they are stressed or being abused.

Bed wetting might very well be a sign of some underlying problem such as stress or even medical reasons in some children (and adults for that matter), but most often than not it is normal and most grown out of it.

I am totally bemused by the behavior of some on 3a(most in fact) i cannot get my head around why these people will go to any lengths to try and find out if Madeleine was a child who was being abused by the mccanns.They will stop at nothing to paint a sordid picture of her little life.Its sad,really disturbing to watch,and imo needs to be stopped right away.I am disgusted with them all .Shame on them.

poor poor Madeleine,it doesn't matter what her mammy and daddy do,they are abused,condemned and ripped apart...............and when they have no ammunition on the mccanns to fuel their sick twisted minds,they try to find faults in the children which might suggest they are symptoms of abuse and a stressful life. Im sick of this now,it actually hurts in my heart when i read this sort of s### because i emphasis with them so much, i can imagine how hurt and frustrated they must feel with such nasty heartless comments being targeted at them when right now they are going through every parents worst nightmare.
Normal minded folk would usually feel for people in such a terrible situation,wanna help them and support them........ or can sympathise with them.It makes me wanna give them a massive hug not kick them down further.
The fact that there are people willing to harm them even more is gut wrenching for me i have to be honest because im not the type of person who can easily turn my back on a person who needs support.It breaks my heart and i have to be honest and at the end of the day you have be a pretty cold hearted b@astard to do such a thing to another human being.

i bet half the 3a wet the bed anyway with all the nastiness going on their minds,talk about stress!!!!
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Re: 3 p's drop to all time low where little madeleine is concerned

Post by calcite51 on Mon Jun 08, 2009 12:13 pm

Never mind Clairsey - I really believe in Karma and I see some of the 3a wetting the bed as they move towards their golden years!
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Post by Royal on Tue Jun 09, 2009 7:49 am

Hi there Clair, I'm sorry to see you getting so worked up about these 3A's or whatever they are called. I say that because I have no idea who or what they are and have never gone to the trouble of finding out. What I don't see or hear does not worry me and my guess is that Kate and Gerry don't waste their time reading such rubbish anyway. Actually this is pretty tame stuff compared to the Express's blog two years ago, my God could that lot be abusive and sadistic. Sadly, at that time Kate and Gerry were being treated abominably both by the media and the bloggers even before the PJ's made them Aguido's. Now of course both the media, the PJ and the whole world are fully aware and accept Kate and Gerry's innocence so these few sadistic 'Prats' you call the 3A's are a waste of space, just a small number of twisted sadistic perverts who probably spend much of their spare time pulling the legs off insects or tieing fireworks to cats tails as a form of entertainment. Perhaps I shouldn't have said that, it may give them fresh ideas of cruelty? But seriously Clair, please do not allow yourself to be wound up by these morons, they will probably be rubbing their hands with glee knowing the distress they are causing, that's where they get their kicks!
Alroy. X

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Re: 3 p's drop to all time low where little madeleine is concerned

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