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Paedo Ray Hewlett says: "I've never seen Maddie before"

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Paedo Ray Hewlett says: "I've never seen Maddie before"

Post by christabel on Sun Jun 07, 2009 12:07 pm

Paedo Ray Hewlett says: "I've never seen Maddie before"

EXCLUSIVE by Simon Wright 6/06/2009
Dying pervert denies claims he admitted seeing Madeleine McCann before she vanished

The prime 'person of interest' of hired cops probing Maddie McCann’s disappearance insisted last night: “I’ve never set eyes on her.”
Dying paedophile Raymond Hewlett, 64, angrily denied claims he was twice close enough to her to notice her distinctive right eye.
He said: “I have never seen her and anyone who says anything different is wrong.”
The pervert, who has a lifelong history of abusing little girls, was only a few miles from Praia Da Luz when Maddie vanished in 2007. But he claimed he had only been to the Portuguese resort in 2002.
He refuses to speak to investigators hired by the McCanns. But he was grilled at home in Aachen, Germany, by West Yorkshire police last week over the 1975 murder of schoolgirl Lesley Molseed and rape of a girl of eight in Yorkshire.

He said: “I volunteered to speak to police about things totally unrelated to Madeleine. They didn’t mention her once.”
He denies the crimes and gave cops a DNA sample.
The cancer victim’s throat tumour is now too large to remove and it is feared he may die, taking his secrets to the grave.
/Disgraced ex-police chief Goncalo Amaral is counter-suing Kate and Gerry McCann after they sued him over his claims they covered up Maddie’s accidental death.


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Post by Royal on Tue Jun 09, 2009 8:23 am

Whether or not Hewlett is guilty or innocent of Madeleines disappearance the fact is he has a history of violence and sexual pervertion against innocent children and for that alone he deserves to be severely punished. The fact that he already appears to be on deaths doorstep means he will probably escape the long arm of the law and true justice anyway. But what about all these other sexual preditors in the PDL area, I understood from the newspapers that the Mccan's investigators have been looking into this situation recently but have heard of nothing since, is this still ongoing I wonder?

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