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tears lies and videotape....shannon mathews.....mccanns

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tears lies and videotape....shannon mathews.....mccanns

Post by clairesy on Tue May 19, 2009 8:11 am

Just been watching that deluded women Karen Mathews and her sickening game to gain money out of planning her own daughters abduction.

Wasn't surprised to see her convicted must be honest with you.Back when Shannon went missing i remember the sky news blogs being in uproar because the antis were all saying how it was clear to see Karen was a genuinely upset mum and that she was far more of a women and mum than Kate would ever be. It was awful. They of course were wrong.Karen planned the whole thing and her tears were crocodile tears..the selfish b/tch had put her little girl through hell

The body language experts on the documentary i just watched showed you how they seen she was lying.............how she was a bare faced lying child abuser bubbles!!!!(bubbles from sky news blogs used to call Kate a bare faced lying child abuser)

And right at the end of the program i just watched the body experts...who sussed Ian Huntley,Karen Mathews and other criminals who had appealed for their lost loved ones. They knew they were all lying..........and they were right!!!

The body language expert just stated on tv......................'''there are situations were genuine people are genuinely telling the truth though..........one example is the mccanns.............clear to see that they are telling the truth, totally innocent, totally''...........


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