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No evidence of death

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No evidence of death

Post by Pedro Silva on Sun May 17, 2009 1:59 am

The Portuguese lawyer Rogério Alves says: "No evidence of death". He considers «normal» the hopes of the couple in finding their daughter and garanties that there are no «trouble» between the couple and Portuguese police. «No evidence that Madeleine died», says Rogério Alves, lawyer of the couple to tvi24.pt. Therefore, defends, «is normal that they have hopes of finding her alive». Their lawyer also reminds that the case was closed, but the essential remains: «find the little girl». Questioned about, if the traces from the British dogs means something, Rogério Alves was adamant in his answer: «That is all fiction and I have to deal with reality. It were interpretations, without any connexion, of separated aspects, and, clearly, has not the virtuality which intends to be given to them». Therefore, «it doesn´t deserve to waste much time».The insistence of the media on that point of the investigation takes the defender of the couple to use some irony: «I think its funny the canine fidelity about those traces. It´s the empire of the dogs, a kind of an investigation delivered to the dogs. It doesn´t make any sense». But to clear any doubts, he assures: «There is no trouble, no incompatibility between Portuguese police and the couple. Everything that the parents knows relevant will always be reported to the authorities». The fact of the case being closed «without answers» is not exclusive from Portugal. «The police didn´t find out what happened, but that could happened in England, France or USA. Many times the authorities can´t find», explains to tvi24.pt. And reaffirms: «I have no doubts that the police did eveything in their power, but there are cases of children´s disappearance, and others, that takes years to be solved». Without special treatment: Rogério Alves also denies that his clients «received any kind of special treatment», given by the authorities, and justifies: «They were made arguidos, from my point of view, wrongly, as just like the same point of view from the National Director of the PJ, but they were. Later then, the investigation made progresses and concluded that there were no evidences to charge them». «For me», the lawyer continues, «Gerry and Kate are no longer arguidos in the case. They are a father and a mother who had suffered, like any father or any mother knows, one of the most painfull things that might happened. This is how I see them. Everything else is mediatization of the phenomenon». Case stopped: For the defender of the couple, the possibility of the case being reopened has a «secondary» value for the parents. «The important, for them, is that new leads comes to light which can help find their daughter. These are parents who had done everything, but everything at all, to find her. If, after that, it passes by the case be reopened, great», he defends. Despite the case is «stopped» as judicial entity, Rogério Alves has no doubt that «the Portuguese authorities investigates all credible leads that deserves to be checked». «Imagine, today, someone calls to the police saying the child has been seen. If the police thinks the information is credible, it has no need to make a request to reopen the case and investigate. A preliminary analysis is already a diligence». «This case can only be understood at one light: there is a father and a mother who will fought until the limit of their strenghts to know what happened to their daughter and keeps intact the hopes of finding her alive», he says.

Pedro Silva
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Re: No evidence of death

Post by clairesy on Sun May 17, 2009 2:44 am

Hmmmmm thats great pedro although its very contradictory of them in a lot of ways.They say if they received a called saying someone as seen the child today then they would investigate if they felt it was credible.....thats something they have always said although in all honesty failed to do.This is why the files are jammed packed with univestigated leads and witnesses who have yet to be spoken to because police failed to talk to them in the early days.

Of course there are nice police there to...i only wish it was them who were leading the investigation into Madeleine's abduction and not lard arss
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