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Does any of this seem familiar?

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Does any of this seem familiar?

Post by vee8 on Sat May 02, 2009 1:25 am


Portugal police accused of cover up

A widow has accused Portuguese police of covering up her husband's murder.
Marie Morley's husband David was found with severe head injuries after going to buy cigars when the couple were holidaying in Vilamoura in June last year.
The keen golfer and cricketer, 64, had been struck in the face so hard his sinuses had burst. He also had broken ribs in his lower back.
But despite his wallet, watch, ring, and camera all going missing, a police report dismissed speculation he was mugged and claimed he fell while under the influence of alcohol.
His wife, 57, of Holborn Terrace, Ryton, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, is furious with the police conclusions and has demanded they reopen the case.
The former bank worker said Portuguese authorities had covered up Mr Morley's murder to protect their nation's tourist industry.
She is desperate to trace two British couples who came across her husband as he lay dying in the hope they can add weight to her claims, and has vowed to bring his killers to justice.
She told The Sunday Sun in Newcastle: "I have written to the Portuguese authorities in the strongest terms saying they have not treated my husband's death as a serious crime.
"I cannot accept their findings. I'm determined to carry on for his sake and to help me come to terms in my mind that I have done everything for him. I owe it to David to give him justice and I want to warn other tourists to take extra care while walking around Vilamoura, especially alone."
Mrs Morley is liaising with the British Embassy in Lisbon and a Foreign Office official.
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Re: Does any of this seem familiar?

Post by Tinkerbell43 on Sat May 02, 2009 10:10 am

Sadly yes!

I hope this poor woman gets the support she deserves, but she shouldn't have to be doing this. I feel for her I really do, when you look at Kate's heartfelt message to Rebelo and she didnt even get an acknowledgement, what chance realistically does this grieving widow have. Its scandalous.

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