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Correio da Manhã Rubbish!

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Re: Correio da Manhã Rubbish!

Post by clairesy on Tue Apr 21, 2009 12:54 am

So he thinks the most likely scenario was for madeleine to have died accidentally in the apartment and for her body to have been hidden???

Ok lets go with that for a moment goncy...............madeleine as fallen bumped her head or something and because no one was present she died?

So.....why would they then hide her body and call cops to say that she was abducted gonc??...and please dont suggest it was because they didnt want to be scorned for not being there(neglect etc) because they told you that they werent there anyway!!!

they told you madeleine was abducted and that they were at the tapas when she was taken,they said (and i quote).''we have let her down''...''we werent there to protect our little girl''

so what is it they were trying to hide from you gonc???Madeleine's body???.................Ok....why???? What good would hiding their darling little girls body do??They weren't going to protect themselves from leaving her etc because they had already told you that she was alone........they weren't there gonc they were at the restaurant ok!!!

Now lets start again gonc....why would they want to hide Madeleine's body and say she was abducted???Given that you feel she died in an ''ACCIDENT''.......there's obviously no need to hide any abuse then!!!

....................she was accidentally hurt and died as a result because no one was around, so therefore in order to hide the fact they weren't there they staged an abduction and told you she was abducted while they weren't there????

Doesn't make sense gonc does it. Doesn't make sense at all buttie boy.

The mccanns didn't feel the need to hide anythign from you they told you they were at the tapas at the time,they told you all that they knew.........that they hadn't seen no one that night and knew nothing.....they told you that because THEY WERE NOT THERE.MADELEINE WAS ALONE GONC.....THEY WERE AT THE TAPAS BAR!!!!They didnt hide that fact from you.

And although they done wrong leaving her and the twins alone, they have told you all they know and as far as most normal minded people are concerned the focus of the investigation should be to find that child and her abductors not take a personal view(as those on 3a etc do) and base your opinion and work on the fact that they were not there.

We all know they done wrong leaving the kids.....we have heard that record played over and over again,but it isn't helping in finding madeleine is it.

If i left my daughter alone and went out to a local bar(which i would never do) but returned to find her abducted i would expect some people to be extrememly annoyed or baffled at why i chose to leave her alone in the first place but i would also hope and prey to god that they didn't hold it against me that much they failed to help find my child with me. I would be devastated if i was in their position,im glad that they have their friends and family beside them because i fear without them they might not even have the strength to keep this search going.....their minds would probably be too over whelmed with not only losing Madeleine but also an extreme amount of guilt eating away at them everyday through the eyes of the friends and family....and having the whole world against them for leaving her alone.Its not important anymore that they left her alone, the true criminal is out there somewhere.

Gonc talks about the media pressure leading the investigation to steer away from the mccanns and said that he would have preferred to keep the focus on them being involved etc...............i would rather say that he was pressured by the immense amount of pressure from folk like him on 3a that encouraged his drive to find them guilty. Like a pack of dogs they all are..once one starts ripping into their prey they all bl@@dy start.Sacking them or kicking them where it hurts is the only way to stop them!
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Post by maria on Tue Apr 21, 2009 3:44 am

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Re: Correio da Manhã Rubbish!

Post by Mobira on Tue Apr 21, 2009 9:59 pm

maria wrote:Yes.

Thanks Maria.

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Re: Correio da Manhã Rubbish!

Post by Rosie on Wed Apr 22, 2009 4:20 am

dianeh wrote:Maria

I dont for one minute believe that Gordon Brown phoned 2 hours before Amaral was sacked to make sure it had been done. Amaral has said this without proof, and he can provide none, none whatsoever. What is wrong, is why was he not challenged with this assertion and showed it up for what it was. An outright lie, made by a liar.

IMO, the British govt should have made a formal diplomatic protest to the Portguese govt over this, and demanded that the allegations be proven or withdrawn. After all, Mr Brown is being accused of corruption.

I still dont understand why the Portuguese press is so ready to beleive lies, and print them as the truth. When I read my papers, I like them to contain the truth, not some lies from someone just out to line his own pockets, as the expense of a missing little girl.

There are some good posts on here that I want to get around to answering, so will start with this one and come back and do the others later.

Diane this is the British all over, he probably could not care what that little tin pot fraud has said, he probably doesn't even know.

If we were present when the F..A... wonder made that statement, we would have challenged him straight away to prove what he has said and provide bonafide evidence of it, he would have been mumbling quivering wreck by the time we finished with him.

There is a reason why no one challenges him and I think that a few of us have worked this out over the past few days!

But hey Di, he has plenty of reason to be afraid, very afraid, his number is almost up! affraid

no way
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Re: Correio da Manhã Rubbish!

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