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Suzy Lamplugh

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Suzy Lamplugh

Post by Guest on Tue May 20, 2008 9:13 pm

For those who don't know the story, Suzy Lamplugh was an estate agent who had to show a "Mr Kipper" around a house in 1986. She was never seen again and noone knows what happened to her.

Her parents decided to try and increase personal safety at the workplace and set up the Suzy Lamplugh trust. Diane Lamplugh no longer knows she even has a daughter called Suzy.

From the trust page:

Diana suffered a stroke in 2003, followed by a brain haemorrhage, resulting in complete memory loss. She now suffers from Alzheimer's Disease, which has forced her (and husband Paul, who is her carer) to retire from their previous fully active roles in the Trust. Suzy's father Paul, co-founder of the Suzy Lamplugh Trust, was awarded an OBE in 2005. Paul and Diana Lamplugh won the Beacon Fellowship Charitable Trust Leadership award in 2005/6 for 'raising awareness of personal safety and addressing the causes and solutions to violence and aggression in society'. The Trust has 16 full-time staff and a network of more than 700 personal safety trainers and tutors throughout the UK. Other knock-on effects of their campaigns was the 'Keep Your Drink Safe' campaign, as well as the setting up of the Missing Persons' Bureau in Sheen, London.

None of us has forgotten Suzy and what a lovely person she was. But I just know Suzy would have said: 'Come on Mum and Dad, come on everybody, you have done what you can, get on with your lives'; and that's what we've done. What I have always wanted to do was to do my little bit to change the world...I'm grateful to Suzy, I suppose, and certainly to Diana, that I have had my opportunity to do just that. I think one of our greatest achievements is that we have created the discipline of personal safety...and every self-respecting organisation in this country now has a personal safety policy.
- Paul Lamplugh, speaking in 2006.


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Suzy Lamplugh

Post by archer on Wed May 21, 2008 7:30 am


I went to a Suzy Lamplugh seminar about six years ago. The focus was on Lone Workers and their personal safety. We were advised on sensible practices to adopt if left in the work place alone.

If you work in a small to medium sized organisation this can happen all to often at short notice. Simple precautions taken not only make you feel more confident but also help to eliminate any 'chance' incidents. Things like making sure blinds or curtains are drawn during hours of darkness. Leaving lots of lights on throughout the building so as not to pinpoint where you are . Advising someone that you are working late, and telephoning them when you are leaving to go home. Not answering the door to callers after a certain time. Ensuring that your car is parked near to where you will exit and is in a lit place. etc. I know these points are very simple, and should be a matter of routine, but sometimes we forget or can't be bothered. Fact is, following these simple strategies could save lives.

We were one of the workplaces that adopted a care policy because of this trust's initiatives. It is taught to all new recruits even now and considered to be an important part of staff induction.

So, yet again we have another family left anguished by the disappearance of their child. They too were able to do something positive for others in a way that is truly selfless and inspirational. I am just so sorry that they have not had any form of 'closure' on Suzy's disappearance.

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Re: Suzy Lamplugh

Post by janeGT on Fri May 23, 2008 9:34 am

I agree. this was awful. this Mr Kipper they feel is in prison for something else and are pretty sure it was him? am I right?

same with Madeleine's case, I feel sure she is not the first, and won't be the last unless we move fast and firmly. Not words in PJ language sadly. Clearly. Even we have the evidence of that.

Metodo 3 and others that fell by wayside, have not done enough. (or anything) in my view. what happened to John Hogan who was to 'take over' from Metodo 3? He didn't. Is he still there? the FBI? Is Marco still dragging that dam? with no money and with PJ not keen on it, but it IS ON PORTUGUESE SOIL AND THEY DO NOT ALLOW OTHER INVESTIGATIONS without their consent. .....why can some search and others can't? elasticated rules and laws?

where does that leave this case? He had 'underworld' sources, then it 'was a dream I had'. so what is it?

At least with suzy we had some sort of closure, and a positive outcome in changing habits and attitudes. awareness completely altered in all types of business, not just estate agents. I feel they know who did it. He is in jail anyway for other offences. I remember Suzy's mother, is it Diana, saying on television they were 'satisfied they knew' the murderer was in jail. Thus accepting death, accepting 'closure' of a sort, and accepting 'justice' although not directly, accepting it was done.

I hope this is done also for Madeleine's abductor/s. I feel she is not the first and will not be the last until the Portuguse system is dragged into line with Europe. And rest of the world too.

Suzy Lamplugh came from a supportive, loving family and they left a supportive, loving legacy for others to follow. I am sorry things have not worked out for them and their health is not good now. I applaud them as a family and as campaigners who would not let go despite all the odds.

Nor must any involved in hunt for Madeleine and all other missing children and adults be swayed away from their purpose.

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Re: Suzy Lamplugh

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