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ST's blog and Hope (lost cause)

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ST's blog and Hope (lost cause)

Post by dianeh on Tue May 20, 2008 10:39 am

that Hope is an idiot. Assassin has offered to send her all the details to prove that Viv was the one who posted her personal details, but Hope wont have a bar of it. Looks like she will be going down with the blog.

One of the posters on ST (Tulip I think) likened the Vile blog to a cult. And you know, it is probably a very apt description.

Why else would supposedly normal people continue in that way, making games and sport out of the parents of a missing little girl?

What is it with these anti's? Surely they must know in their heads that all of these stupid theories cant be true.

You know, Hope said something interesting (yes, there is a first time). She said to Assassin, just because you said that Viv did it, doesnt mean I will believe it. Why can she not apply that same principle to the #### that has been written in the papers (particularly when proven to be all lies) and what Viv and Alsabliar post? Why would she trust those two and the Portugese gutter press as a proven source.

She still thinks the McCanns should be charged with neglect but then on the other hand doesnt want to see Sean and Amelie without their parents. Now, how dim is that? I think she just hates the McCanns (for whatever reason) and I agree with ST and Assassin that her pride is preventing her from admitting she was wrong. She can think the McCanns neglected the kids all she wants but there has been no charges and the social services in Britain have not acted and have done an assessment. So what does she really think can happen after that. Does she really not think that an international incident would erupt if the PJ were so stupid as to try to charge them with neglect after 12 months? I have not doubt the British Govt would step in and take action in the European court, as well as apply diplomatic pressure. How can someone have followed this case for twelve months and not understand the basics about what is going on.

it is a bit like that ridiculous anon on ST's site (the one that just wrote about justice, probably either notdoc or viv), saying justice is coming very soon, and called the PJ glorious. Yes justice coming very soon because Gonc and mates going on trial. Are they just living with their heads up their clackers? How can they not see the corruption surrounding the people who were initially involved in the Madeleine case? There is at least a case to answer, after all, the Portuguese govt would not allow a trial if there were no evidence at all. This case is extremely damaging to the PJ. But Viv and her mates have conveniently overlooked it, or are just ignoring it, or ???????
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Like you I think

Post by Guest on Tue May 20, 2008 9:56 pm

the reason Hope is still there is for reasons of pride. Quite a few have disappeared from that place and more post only every now and then. I reckon Vile is going too far even for them


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