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3A's Launch attack on everyone!! Bren says beyond forums now.

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Re: 3A's Launch attack on everyone!! Bren says beyond forums now.

Post by Guest on Sat Mar 07, 2009 5:13 am

Bren Post subject: Re: So The Threats Continue.Posted: Fri Mar 06, 2009 1:52 pm

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Location: Posting from Prisoner Cell Block H (always wanted to be a Bad Girl) For those that have never followed other forums, a brief synopsis

PFA (ProFenceAnti) owned and run by gestalt, designed to mock those that post on 3a's and spill vile against 3a's members and 3a's forum.

Rhodes Blog - Speaks for it's self, nasty vindictive and run by Rhodes03 from the Daily Mirror Forum

Chaosraptors - Run by ChaosEngine/Majic/FlashingBalde (who faked a death) designed to show us our evil ways of running a forum.

Rosiepops Blog and Forum - Run by Rosiepops herself and is Pro McCann

MuratsBlog - Designed to the same as Rhodes blog, now outed as being run by truth by Hollysmum on PFA.

Truthsnewsite - Run by truth, again another forum dedicated to vilify 3a's and it's members

All these people are connected by the same group of people and they have joined each and everyone of these forums and are following these blogs, these people being, the ex-mods, Nbrado, Nigel Nessling (Vee8), Duece, Hollysmum, Rosiepops, Supertroll, Chaos and his many heads, and Tezza from Find Madeleine plus many more.

These people are also responsible for the abuse that Tony Bennett gets and possibly some of the threats he receives.


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Re: 3A's Launch attack on everyone!! Bren says beyond forums now.

Post by Tinkerbell43 on Sat Mar 07, 2009 5:35 am

What a bloody stupid woman. She is just trying to take the heat of herself and portray herself as the victim of a combined vendetta.

So we are all connected by the same group of people are we, we are all united in our quest to bring down the 3A's, jeez, there's nothing like a bit of self flattery is there, lol.

I can tell you now, Nbrado is most definately not a member of this forum and neither is Tezza or Chaos to the best of my knowledge. Where on earth does this stupid woman get her facts from, Viv ? Laffin

I'd be interested to know the combined membership of all the sites she has mentioned against the membership of the 3A's.

She is just trying to rally her troups, "look what these nasty people are trying to do to our forum and its members". I also think she is only bringing TB into it in the hope she drums up some of his supporters for herself aswell.

She's making some serious allegations if she is insinuating any of the posters she has detailed are responsible for threats to TB.

Well as the saying goes, desperate times call for desperate measures!

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Re: 3A's Launch attack on everyone!! Bren says beyond forums now.

Post by Guest on Sat Mar 07, 2009 7:39 am

Glad to see Rosie has been on 3A's to defend herself and very well she did too!!

Rosie your post is getting much respect on PFA.

Tinks I think she is getting her followers to feel sorry for her and big her ego up.

There is a big lie in all her posts about sites attacking 3A's. If she is talking about people critisising 3A's then she couldn't be more hypocritical. But if she is talking about attacking by trying to get the site shut then i wonder if she will tell her posters that complaining to 3A's is virtually impossible. Yet she finds the time to attack using complaints to shut other sites down.


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Re: 3A's Launch attack on everyone!! Bren says beyond forums now.

Post by dianeh on Sun Mar 08, 2009 9:19 am

Bren really is a fool if she thinks that it is just a small group of people. It is far more than that.

And yes, there is some cross over, but then there is between the anti sites as well. But generally, the pro sites have their own core followers, and then many of us post occasionally on some of the other forums.

Bren left off a few other pro sites, such as Icon, ForMadeleine etc.

I agree she is after some sympathy, although I cant imagine why. What goes around comes around, and it is coming back to her in spades. When a site cannot keep its reasonable posters such as Gestalt and Sansoucci, and continues to ban people for their opinions, then it is no wonder, that these people choose to publicise the goings on. After all, why shouldnt other posters know just what they are being exposed to if they go onto the 3A's. As I said, Bren did this to herself, and deserves far far more.

And why would she think any pro site would knowing let Nbrado on. And why would he want to post somewhere like here, or even PFA?

Bren is looking desperate. I surmise that her revenues must be down.
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Re: 3A's Launch attack on everyone!! Bren says beyond forums now.

Post by vee8 on Mon Mar 09, 2009 6:34 am

Well, it seems as if the 3a's is not as fireproof as we thought! I just found this!
I just found this! Thought I would share it with you all!


Seems Brenda's site is not secure

check out this thread..


and to quote our dear friend brenda again

"Oh the hosts are quite funny really, they do not know the law and they told me to get a court order to get a thread pulled, when I pointed out their terms and conditions of hosting and British Libel laws they were a bit tied up in knots.
The emails between myself and the hosts kept us mods and admin entertained for the evening. I could just see someone running up and down a street saying "oh the ***** has replied again", having a little strop."

As you can see from this thread again brenda tries to employ the pulling of websites on TOS which she in herself has broken numerous times and was relocated for that very reason.

So to up the stakes i'm releasing a detailed scan of 3A for those wishing to have a prod and poke

Before we start lets remember brendas claim that her host is untouchable :D

well folks actually its not and you can direct complaints beyond beo to the following


- feel free to contact them with your woes.
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Re: 3A's Launch attack on everyone!! Bren says beyond forums now.

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