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MJ now a target of anti bull.

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MJ now a target of anti bull.

Post by vee8 on Sat Jan 24, 2009 7:31 pm

Seems poor old Matthew James has come under attack now. While I understand his frustration, and I don't blame him for hitting back, maybe the best bet would have been to ignore them? What do you think?

That 'B' Word Again ...

... before going any further, there is a need once more to prime the trigger and use that wonderful eight letter word again at this time.
The reason why you might ask?

It's come to my attention, via the grapevine, that I'm "supposedly" in need of new's stories in order to accomplish a Daily Merlin Insight.


Not that I really care what narrow minded morons think or write elsewhere in cyberspace. It just cheeses me off that folk get a senseless and confused impression of things, and then make misinformed and inaccurate statements in public places.

So it's another bollocks to you!

Not once have I written a Daily Merlin Insight intentionally after a new's story. It is pure coincidence if it occurs. I instinctively know when it is time for the next insight ... and that is the guiding force for them and their content.

Back in 2007 (and I recall saying this before) I was composing and publishing Insights days and weeks before new's stories that the insight was linked to. The insight would come FIRST and the new's story afterwards (and not the other way around).

The important people, those who know the behind the scenes of the Insights, know of my integrity, my honesty and my proven ability, and therefore where it MATTERS there is no doubt that the insights have proved themselves time and time again. They are often pre-emptive of news stories.

Bollocks then to those unimportant people who have nothing better to do than spend their time criticising and belittling other people ... now I've got that off my chest I can get down off my soapbox and get back into serious blogging ....

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Post by Royal on Sat Jan 24, 2009 10:08 pm

Good morning Pedro and Vee, the worlds economy is grinding to a halt, our soldiers are dying in Iraq and Afganistan, our hospitals are strugling to cope due to the influx of immigrants some of whom I feel sure are sick when they leave their homeland and come here for free treatment. Our Banks give the impression they are all on strike and many business's large and small are collapsing through lack of financial support. Young people cannot get a home to live in, and those wishing to upmarket to a larger home cannot do so because they too cannot get a mortgage even though the property market is in a state of collapse and is in need of a boost. Pensioners are struggling because interest rates on their savings no longer supplement their pathetic state pension and two million are now out of work with their numbers rising almost daily. Thousands are sick and dying of Malnutrician and Cholera in parts of Africa and the rest of the world and the Israilies and Arabs backed by Iran are blowing each other to bits. On top of all that my piles are giving me jip again! (that's a joke to cause a smile) And here we are (well, not me as I don't get involved in their petty nonesense) worrying about what stupid idiots on other sites are jabbering about us? Surely if we were to all ignore these weird and demented creatures they would just shrivel up and die in their own excrement! Alroy.

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